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’Party Monster’ Michael Alig to Leave Prison

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Apr 18, 2014
Club Kid icon Michael Alig is slated to leave prison next month after serving 17-years for the murder of fellow Club Kid Andre "Angel" Melendez in 1996.

Fond Farewell to Tinker’s Damn and The Metropolitan

By Heather Cassell | Friday Apr 11, 2014
It was a bittersweet farewell to Tinker’s Damn, the South Bay’s oldest gay bar, throughout the weekend of March 28 to 30.

On the Tab :: April 10 - 17

Thursday Apr 10, 2014
A quartet of fabulous women with stellar vocal talent lead our listings this week. Oh, and Japan’s wacky pop-punk band gets a nod. Ogle gogos, slurp cocktails and enjoy a week of nightlife fun.

On the Tab :: March 13 - 30

Thursday Mar 13, 2014
You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy a few drinks this weekend, but whether you’re a teetotaler or a total tramp, keep it down if someone’s singing or speaking; not that some performers don’t like a rowdy crowd.

Bridget Everett: Mother Warned You About Girls Like Her

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Mar 10, 2014
Alt-cabaret sensation Bridget Everett has the body of a Rubens nude, the voice of an angel singing the blues and the mouth of a merchant marine.

GMHC’s "Legendary" Discussion Follows Evolution of House Scene

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Mar 3, 2014
On March 6, GMHC and Gerard Gaskin will present "Legendary: A Community Discussion on the Evolution of the House and Ball Scene." The discussion will look at Gaskin’s new book, "Legendary: Inside the House Ballroom Scene."

On the Tab :: Feb. 27 - Mar. 6

Thursday Feb 27, 2014
Going out and having fun; taking risks, be they at shows where things are on fire, or exhibits with live fanged animals; yes, they will take place this week.

On the Tab :: Feb. 20 - 27

Thursday Feb 20, 2014
Is it possible to enjoy a musician’s talent without ever seeing how cute she or he is? Whether they’re gay, straight, or lesbian-ish, we wonder if they shouldn’t also market cuddle toys in their likeness.

On the Tab :: Feb. 13 - 20

Thursday Feb 13, 2014
Happy Valentine’s/Flag/Presidents’ Day Full Moon weekend! If you have a day off, celebrate however you like; at dance nights, concerts and comedy shows.

Club Night Connects Poz Men

By Peter Hernandez | Saturday Feb 8, 2014
January 11 was the first of several HIV-positive club nights called Resilient, by and for HIV positive men and allies-the only one of its kind in San Francisco.