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On the Tab :: Aug. 21 - 28

Thursday Aug 21, 2014
What are the chances? The chance of getting a lap dance at the Castro Theatre? The chance of enjoying drawings and drinks at the same time? Chances are your chances are pretty good!

What's HOT South Florida :: 8/14 - 8/20

By Scott Holland | Thursday Aug 14, 2014
Mraz pizzazz, Creative Male's latest for the guys, DJ Sushi and International Mr. Leather in the flesh... yessir! This is HOT!

On the Tab :: Aug. 14 - 21

Thursday Aug 14, 2014
Maybe you're out of town. Maybe you've got visitors. Maybe you just want to get out of the house. Maybe you'll notice that despite it being many peoples' vacay time, there are more nightlife, concert and unusual events taking place!

Aunt Charlie's Lounge :: The Tenderloin's Treasure

By Michael Flanagan | Tuesday Aug 12, 2014
Aunt Charlie's has always been kind of an iconic bar for me. I've been coming here since the late 1990s, and it has always functioned as something of a litmus test.

What's HOT South Florida 8/07 - 8/13

By Scott Holland | Thursday Aug 7, 2014
What's HOT all around town? This! Right here! Including parties, screenings, and the lowdown on a sexy film that pits a shy country boy against the big-city savvy of a "boy on a box."

On the Tab :: Aug. 7- 14

Thursday Aug 7, 2014
Augustian days and nights can either fog you over or blast some sun, but the bright lights of nightlife continue, with hunky and furry DJs, classy drag shows, and relaxed bar afternoon beer busts.

What's HOT South Florida :: 7/31 - 8/04

By Scott Holland | Thursday Jul 31, 2014
Summer swelter? Hotter shelter! We'll tell you when, we'll tell you where!

On the Tab :: July 31 - Aug. 7

Thursday Jul 31, 2014
Tourists fill the streets, usually in sandals and white socks, walking in the wrong neighborhoods, asking where to find the Golden Gate Bridge. Be nice to our visitors, many from Europe in these summer months.

On the Tab :: July 24 - 31

Thursday Jul 24, 2014
This week's BARtab section is devoted to debauchery, past present and future. But there are a few events where you can keep your clothes on.

What's HOT South Florida :: 7/24 - 7/30

By Scott Holland | Thursday Jul 24, 2014
Singe and sizzle, Menergy Dancing and "Five Dances," Gospel Jubilee or Mint Julep served by Bartenders in Boxers and Briefs... you know this is HOT!