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Poster Print of Nazi Concentration Camp Sold Online, Retail Giants Apologize

By EDGE | Thursday Jul 10, 2014
Walmart, Sears and Amazon came under fire last week when it was discovered that all three retail giants were selling a poster print featuring the chilling image of the gates a Nazi death camp as a decorative home accessory.

Israel City Unveils Gay Holocaust Victims Memorial

By Aron Heller | Saturday Jan 11, 2014
Israel’s cultural and financial capital unveiled a memorial Friday honoring gays and lesbians persecuted by the Nazis, the first specific recognition in Israel for non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Israeli Memorial to Gay Holocaust Victims a First

By Aaron Heller | Friday Jan 10, 2014
Israel’s cultural and financial capital has unveiled a memorial honoring gays and lesbians persecuted by the Nazis during World War II.

Last Known Gay Jewish Holocaust Survivor Dies at 88

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Jun 27, 2012
That last known gay Jewish Holocaust survivor, Gad Beck, died last weekend at the age of 88.

A Film Unfinished

By Steve Weinstein | Thursday Mar 17, 2011
This intelligently executed documentary-within-a-documentary takes footage from Nazi archives of the doomed Warsaw Ghetto and molds it into a fascinating narrative that is profoundly moving and also disturbing -- sometimes in unintended ways.

German Artist Commemorates Gays, Jews, Others Murdered in Holocaust

By Kristen Grieshaber | Thursday Jul 8, 2010
Artist Gunter Demnig carefully pried a cobblestone out of the sidewalk on Friedrichstrasse in downtown Berlin and replaced it with a shiny square brass plaque.

Jewish Politician: Memorial Not for Gays, Others Also Killed by Nazis

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Jun 9, 2009
An anti-gay New York politician has ruffled feathers by proposing that a Holocaust Memorial in Brooklyn exclude all victims of the Nazis except for Jews.
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