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Problems Cited at Gordon College Working Group

NATIONAL | By Sue O'Connell | Feb 20
Jesse Steele, an openly gay Gordon College student, resigned from a working group that was formed last fall in response to criticism about the Christian college's anti-gay policies.

Christian Charity? Religious Right Reacts to World Vision’s LGBT Inclusive Policy

RELIGION | By Jason St. Amand | Mar 25
Christian relief agency group World Vision announced this week their policy change to allow the hire of Christian married same-sex couples. Unsurprisingly, the announcement sparked outrage from anti-gay activists.

Anti-Gay Religious Group: Ill. Marriage Equality Bill Caused Tornados

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Nov 20
An anti-gay religious group is blaming Illinois’ marriage equality bill for the tornados that struck the state last weekend.

TLC Reality Star to Work for Anti-Gay FRC

Former used care salesman and star of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting?, Josh Duggar announced yesterday that he has accepted the position of Executive Director for the anti-gay hate group, Family Research Council.

LGBT Groups Have Mixed Feelings on Boy Scouts’ Ruling

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | May 24
Though the Boy Scouts of America’s recent decision to accept openly gay members, some LGBT groups say it’s not enough and the organization needs to go further by allowing out Scout leaders and volunteers to join.

Police Implicate ’Ex-Gay’ Christian Cult Leader in Wife’s Murder

CRIME | By Jason St. Amand | Nov 23
Police from Kansas City, Mo., have confirmed that the leader of a cult-like prayer group is suspected of having plotted to kill his wife, to whom he was married to for just four months.

’Ex-Gay’ Leader of Christian Cult Accused of Murdering Wife

CRIME | By Jason St. Amand | Nov 20
A leader of a Christian cult, who allegedly "overcame" his homosexuality, is suspected of being behind the murder of his 27-year-old wife.

Knights of Columbus’ Anti-Gay Marriage Funding Sparks Petition

A Catholic group is delivering more than 5,000 petition signatures to the Knights of Columbus asking the Catholic fraternal organization to stop funding divisive political issues such as opposing same-sex marriage.

Catholic Church Raised $750K for Minn. Marriage Amendment

NATIONAL | By Jason St. Amand | Feb 2
The Catholic Church raised $750,000 in 2011 to back an amendment to the Minnesota constitution that bands gay marriage. Additionally, several anti-gay organizations raised large sums of money to support the same cause.

Religious Group to Vanderbilt: Don’t Discriminate Against Religious Student Groups That Discriminate Against Gays

Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus are urging Vanderbilt University not to force its nondiscrimination policy on religious student groups.

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