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Threatened With Extinction, Conservative Opinions on Marriage Begin to Evolve

By Steve Weinstein | Saturday Dec 28, 2013
As the American population shifts views on marriage equality, conservative forces that have fought long and hard against marriage equality, start to evolve their views on the hot button issue.

Christie’s Future Clouded by Gay Marriage

Wednesday Oct 23, 2013
Gov. Chris Christie, the popular, outspoken Republican governor of a heavily Democratic state, is making a delicate bid to cast himself as a leader of a more inclusive Republican Party as he seeks re-election and ponders a White House run.

NJ Lawmaker Who Opposed Gay Marriage Bill, Vows to Override Christie’s Veto

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Oct 3, 2013
A Republican Assembly lawmaker from New Jersey, who opposed a measure that would legalize same-sex marriage in the state last year, now says he will override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto if the bill moves through the Assembly.

Republican Senator Murkowski Supports Gay Marriage

By Henry C. Jackson | Wednesday Jun 19, 2013
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she now supports gay marriage, becoming the third Senate Republican to do so.

Debate Over Social Issues Emerges Within the GOP

By Steve Peoples | Thursday Jun 13, 2013
Prominent religious conservatives are pushing the GOP to embrace limits on abortion and gay rights as evangelical activists gather in Washington.

For GOP, ’In the Closet’ Is a Sexual Orientation

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Apr 2, 2013
That’s one among a Republican National Committee survey’s many odd questions that’s yet another sign that the Grand Old Party is trying not to be so, well, old.

GOP Sen. Kirk Announces Support for Gay Marriage

Tuesday Apr 2, 2013
GOP Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois said Tuesday he supports same-sex marriage, becoming the second sitting Republican senator to make such an announcement in recent weeks.

Gay Marriage: More Red-State Senators As Bill O’Reilly Concedes

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Mar 28, 2013
In the wake of what looks like a Supreme Court slam dunk, Fox News audience favorite Bill O’Reilly in his own inimitable way, joined the flood of senior politicians rushing to join the marriage-equality bandwagon.

Add Ohio Voters, 4 Senators to Marriage Equality

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Mar 26, 2013
While GOP Sen. Rob Portman’s son explains his father’s own conversion & Sen. Claire McCaskill & Va. Sen. Mark Warner join the pro-equality bandwagon, a new poll shows over half of Ohioans support repealing the state’s ban on same-sex marriage,

Karl Rove Sees Potential Support For Gay Marriage

Monday Mar 25, 2013
GOP strategist Karl Rove says he can imagine a Republican candidate in the next presidential campaign supporting gay marriage.