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Coming Out as LBGT at School Contributes to Well-Being

FAMILY | By EDGE | Mar 13
A timely new study has found that LGBT youth who come out at school report more positive adjustment as young adults and have significantly lower levels of depression with higher levels of self-esteem.

British Teacher Comes Out, Gets Letter of Support From Student

INTERNATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Dec 17
After a British teacher came out as gay to his primary school students, he received a heartwarming letter of support from a nine-year-old child in his class, letting him know that it wouldn't change the way she felt about him.

GLSEN Mass. Conference Works to Teach Respect

LOCAL | By Tony Hobday | Apr 9
The Mar. 30 GLSEN conference at MIT brought together students, educators, parents and advocates, for a daylong block of workshops teaching a more inclusive curriculum.

ACLU Threatens to Sue PA School For Blocking Formation of GSA

LOCAL | By Lana Cooper | Mar 31
Two new cases of discrimination against LGBT youth in Pennsylvania prompted a change in school policy - only one of which was in favor of the LGBT students.

Teachers are the Anti-Gay Bullies at SoCal High School, Says ACLU

LOCAL | By Les Spindle | Mar 30
Responding to alleged harassment and bullying by SoCal teachers against LGBT students, the Southern California ACLU has filed a demand that the violations cease.

L.A.’s New "SPIN" on Combating LGBT Bullying and Suicide

LOCAL | By Les Spindle | Mar 7
After sitting on their hands over protecting LGBT students, Southern California schools are now implementing Project SPIN, Suicide Prevention Intervention Now.

GLAD Fights to Protect Transgender Youth in Schools

LOCAL | By Dan Meyer | Mar 3
GLAD’s strong track record continues in 2013, with the ensuring of protections for transgender people and guidelines for Massachusetts schools, which they will work to ensure are enforced.

One Florida School Protects Students, While Another Forbids GSA

POLITICS | By Steffany Skelley Gilmer | Feb 22
While on Orange County School voted to include sexual orientation in their non-discrimination policy, the Lake County School Board faces criticism for preventing students from starting a GSA.

PFLAG Responds to Indiana Teacher Who Said Gays Have No Purpose in Life

FAMILY | Feb 17
After an Indiana teacher told kids she believes gays have no purpose in life, PFLAG organizers launched the "You Have a Purpose" Facebook page.

Creating Safe Schools at Supporting Students, Saving Lives

LOCAL | By Rodney Rodriguez | Feb 14
Educators and LGBT advocates will gather in San Diego this weekend to train teacher and administrators on how to create a safe and supportive learning environment for LGBT youth.

1 thru 10 of 55 Stories