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Anti-Gay Remarks at Debate Spark Anger in Brazil

By Adriana Gomez Licon | Tuesday Sep 30, 2014
A minor character in Brazil's election race faced a firestorm of criticism on Monday after saying during a presidential debate that the country needs to stand up against gay people who should receive psychological help far away from the general population

Teen GOP Candidate Quits Race After More Homophobic, Racist Comments Emerge

By EDGE | Wednesday Sep 17, 2014
The career of homophobic GOP enfant terrible, Jacob Dorsey appears to be over as more anti-gay and racist social media comments surface.

NYC Councilman Fernando Cabrera Praises Uganda's Anti-Gay Laws

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Sep 3, 2014
As the primary elections approach, New York City Councilmember Fernando Cabrera is coming under fire for comments he posted in January praising Ugandans for their anti-gay laws, even as the country faces widespread international condemnation for it.

Wis. GOP Candidate Links Gay Marriage to Incest

By Jason St. Amand | Monday Jun 30, 2014
A Republican congressional candidate from Wisconsin made headlines this week after she allegedly said the removal of a ban on same-sex marriages in the state will lead to incest.

Anti-Gay Drag Queen Emeritus Loses GOP Bid for NC State Senate

By EDGE | Thursday May 8, 2014
Republican senatorial hopeful and retired drag queen Steve Wiles (aka Mona Sinclair), who went on the record as supporting the state’s ban on same-sex marriage, failed to win his party’s nomination for state senate this week.

SD Lawmaker Discusses Post on Homosexuality

Tuesday May 6, 2014
A South Dakota state lawmaker who called gay sex a moral and a health issue says he regrets the wording of his recent Facebook post but not the sentiment of his controversial comments.

Report: Anti-Gay NC Republican has Drag Queen Past

By Jason St. Amand | Monday May 5, 2014
Several news sources are reporting that a Republican politician from North Carolina, who opposes same-sex marriage, was once a drag queen and once worked at a gay-friendly bar.

Anti-Gay Pastor Scott Lively Shows Up at Mass. Gubernatorial Forum

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Mar 26, 2014
Scott Lively, the Springfield, Mass.-based pastor who allegedly had a part in creating anti-gay laws in Uganda and Russia, is running for Massachusetts governor as an independent and attended a Boston gubernatorial forum on LGBT rights Tuesday night.

SD GOP Lawmaker: Businesses Should Be Able to Deny Gays, African-Americans

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Mar 19, 2014
A Republican lawmaker from South Dakota is making headlines this week after making racist statements in an interview about an anti-gay measure he introduced.

’God is Super Angry’ Says Chicago Republican Primary Winner

By Jason St. Amand | Wednesday Mar 19, 2014
A Chicago Republican, who made headlines earlier for blaming autism, dementia and tornados on the gay marriage and abortions, won her primary Tuesday.