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UK Man on Trial for Allegedly Raping Woman to Cure Her of Being Gay

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Apr 1, 2014
A man from Yorkley, a village in Gloucestershire, England, is on trial this week for an allegedly attempting to rape a woman in 2012 because he thought it would "cure" her of being lesbian.

Jury Awards $5.42M to Woman Raped in WeHo Nightclub

By Winnie McCroy | Tuesday Mar 4, 2014
A Santa Monica jury awarded a female news producer $5.42 million for a West Hollywood nightclubs’ negligence, after an employee allegedly raped her in the restroom.

HIV+ Porn Star Faces 9 Felony Charges for Alleged Sexual Assault of Young Teen

By Jason St. Amand | Thursday Feb 20, 2014
Gay porn star Mike Dozer, the HIV-positive actor who made headlines last year for opposing condoms, was arrested in December in Delaware on a number of felony charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy he met on a hookup app.

Bristol Barman Rapes Drunk Lesbian, Gets 9 Years in Prison

By Winnie McCroy | Wednesday Jan 22, 2014
A U.K. man was sentenced to nine years in prison for raping a paralytic lesbian in a Bristol bar where he worked; the judge called him "a man of good character."

Richmond Man Convicted in Gang Rape of Lesbian: Jury Accepts Hate Crime Allegations

By Bobby McGuire | Thursday Dec 19, 2013
A 36-year-old Northern California man was convicted Wednesday of orchestrating the gang rape of a woman who was targeted in part because she is a lesbian.

Youth Minister Won’t Serve a Day for Raping the Gay Away

By EDGE | Wednesday Sep 11, 2013
An Iowa youth pastor convicted of having sex with teenage boys to "help them with homosexual urges" received a 17-year prison sentence last week, which was suspended provided he undergoes sex offender treatment while on probation.

’Corrective Rape?’ :: Woman Alleges Homophobic Slurs, Sexual Assault After Leaving Orlando Gay Club

By Kilian Melloy | Tuesday Aug 27, 2013
An unidentified woman claimed that she was subjected to rape by three men who uttered anti-lesbian epithets and the declaration, "I’ll show you how a real man feels."

Brazil Court Convicts 3 For Rape of American

Friday Aug 16, 2013
Rio de Janeiro court convicted three men Thursday in the gang rape of an American woman aboard a public transit van that shocked Brazil and made headlines around the world.

Wash. Man Jailed For Robbing, Raping Man He Met on Growlr

By Jason St. Amand | Friday Apr 26, 2013
Seattle Police have arrested a man that allegedly used gay hookup apps like Growlr and Scruff to find men to rob, and in one incident, the man allegedly raped his victim.

Gay Couple on Trial for Allegedly Raping Adopted Children

By Jason St. Amand | Tuesday Apr 9, 2013
A Connecticut gay couple accused of sexually abusing two of their nine children will soon stand trial.