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What's HOT South Florida :: 11/26 - 12/02

By Scott Holland | Nov 26
Finally, everything you need to know in South Florida to plan your week is wrapped up in a nice neat package.

What's HOT South Florida :: 11/19 - 11/25

By Scott Holland | Nov 19
'Tis the Season... to keep it HOT Kylie serves it up on a sizzling new platter, the White Party is dreaming sultry dreams, and festivities abound. Check out the happenings!

What's HOT South Florida :: 11/12 - 11/18

By Scott Holland | Nov 12
Finally, everything you need to know in South Florida to plan your week is wrapped up in a nice neat package. Art, entertainment and cultural events are all covered.

What's HOT South Florida :: 11/04 - 11/11

By Scott Holland | Nov 5
From Lincoln Road to Wicked Manors to the Manors spectacular outdoor stage to P Houses' 10,000 in cash contest, all of Florida was HOT for Halloween. And now for the push toward sweltering winter fun!

What's HOT South Florida :: 10/29 - 11/04

By Scott Holland | Oct 29
Colorful compilations of beloved Disney tunes vie with the less-than-black-and-white sparks that fly between a questioning middle aged man and his new out friend. These and everything else HOT are profiled right here!

What's HOT South Florida :: 10/22 - 10/28

By Scott Holland | Oct 22
Bernadette Peters, Ricky Martin... and the Peanuts gang? Sounds hotter than... well, hot!

What's HOT South Florida :: 10/15 - 10/21

By Scott Holland | Oct 15
HOT... models! Heritage! Magicians! Seafood Festival! Yes! Here's everything you need to know to navigate the scorching week ahead.

What's HOT South Florida :: 10/08 - 10/12

By Scott Holland | Oct 8
Feeling HOT? Don't expect to cool down if you lick this "POPsical," join the Hunters Tribe, or settle in for a weekend of MiFo film festival viewing.

What's HOT South Florida :: 10/01 - 10/07

By Scott Holland | Oct 1
Looking to get HOT? The week ahead offers chances for funny things to take place (en route to The Forum, of course), stomp your little hooves at a pig dance, or even get yer German on. Mann, ist dass aber HEISS!

What's HOT South Florida :: 9/24 - 9/30

By Scott Holland | Sep 24
There's no summery hangover here, just "Hair of the Dog" fundraising, "rainbow" Doritos, bartenders in drag... and a tres French take on the "Glen or Glenda" genre, via Douglas Sirk -- ooh, la la, chest chad!

1 thru 10 of 277 Stories