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Colleges Grapple with Best Ways to Address Race Incidents

By Jesse J. Holland | Dec 1
Swift action is high among the best practices that school leaders can use to help defuse campus tension, experts say.

Obama Prods World on Climate Change, Faces Pushback at Home

By Nancy Benac | Dec 1
Facing pushback at home, President Barack Obama said Sunday that American leadership was helping make gains in the global fight against climate change.

Hull-aballoo: New Navy Destroyer's Seaworthiness Questioned

By David Sharp | Dec 1
The Navy will soon learn how this modern take on the "tumblehome" hull holds up when the first-in-class Zumwalt heads out to sea in December for builder trials in the rough-and-tumble North Atlantic.

Don't Get Grinched by Cybercrime During the Holiday Season

By Bree Fowler | Dec 1
Online fraud spikes during the holiday shopping season, as people searching for the perfect gifts take to cyberspace and head to traditional stores armed with their smartphones.

Dying Words Chronicles Life and Impact of Jeffrey Schmalz

By EDGE | Dec 1
On December 1, "Dying Words: The AIDS Reporting of Jeff Schmalz and How It Transformed The New York Times," will be released to coincide with World AIDS Day.

The Hunting Ground

By Louise Adams | Dec 1
"Why was I not screaming?" says one rape survivor in Kirby Dick's necessary, disturbing documentary, which shines a light on the systematic, ingrained institutional enabling and hiding of sexual assaults across U.S. campuses.

Goodnight Mommy

By Ken Tasho | Dec 1
And you thought "Mommie Dearest" and "Psycho" were the mother of all matriarch issues films. Along comes one of the best nightmarish maternal movies to come along in many years.

Mystery Science Theater 3000, Volume XXXIV

By Ken Tasho | Dec 1
Shout Factory just keeps chugging away at releasing DVD sets of those cheesy old movies that are ripe for picking on.

We Are Your Friends

By Frank J. Avella | Dec 1
Zac Efron is nicely understated but the best performance in "We are Your Friends" is by Wes Bentley who never allows any of the clich├ęs of his character to take over, always giving his DJ on the downswing nuance.

The Look of Silence

By Louise Adams | Dec 1
Joshua Oppenheimer's intense follow up film to his Oscar-nominated "The Act of Killing" documents Indonesian optometrist Adi and his quest to help his brother's executioners see the truth of their actions.

11 thru 20 of 88762 Stories