Dissolving Stent for Heart Arteries Passes First Large Test

TECHNOLOGY | By Marilynn Marchione | Oct 13
A new type of heart stent that works like dissolving stitches, slowly going away after it has done its job, passed its first major test in a large study, doctors said Monday.

Pope's Sex Abuse Commission Taking Advice on the Road

NEWS | By Nicole Winfield | Oct 13
Pope Francis' sex abuse commission has begun an important new phase of its work: Bringing the expertise of its members to the developing world.

Vatican Family Synod Takes New Twist With Disputed Letter

NEWS | By Nicole Winfield | Oct 13
Pope Francis' divisive meeting on family issues took another controversial twist Monday with revelations that several conservative cardinals wrote to the pontiff expressing serious concerns.

Republican Lawmaker Seeks Ban on LGBT 'Conversion Therapy'

NEWS | By Kathleen Ronayne | Oct 13
A young Republican lawmaker is proposing legislation in New Hampshire to ban therapy aimed at changing the sexual orientation of minors.

Salt Lake City May Name Street for Gay Civil Rights Leader

NEWS | By Lindsay Whitehurst | Oct 13
Salt Lake City could soon have a street named after pioneering gay leader Harvey Milk.

Confederate Flag Backers Indicted in Georgia Confrontation

NEWS | Oct 12
The charges stem from a confrontation between flag supporters and a black family gathered for a child's birthday party in Douglasville.

Puerto Rico Relaxes School Uniform Rules for Gay Students

NEWS | Oct 12
Puerto Rico's education secretary says public school students can for the first time choose to wear pants or skirts as part of their uniform regardless of their gender without being punished.

A Transformative 'Summer' for One Lonely Girl

ENTERTAINMENT | By Frank J. Avella | Oct 12
Dutch filmmaker Collete Bothof's "Summer" tells the coming-of-age story of a young girl realizing she's gay. EDGE spoke to Bothof about the film available on VOD.

Suspended for Rough Slide, Dodgers' Utley Known for Playing Hard

NEWS | By Rob Maaddi | Oct 12
In New York, Utley is a wanted man.

Gawker Obtains Recipe for Drunk Kid's Coveted Bacon Jalapeño Mac and Cheese

NEWS | Oct 12
Now you can make the dish that started it all.


Blu-ray/DVD Review :: Mad Men - The Final Season - Part 2

TELEVISION | By Kilian Melloy | Oct 13
Now you can have that definitive binge viewing festival of the 1960s-era fashion, picaresque alpha maleness, and retro Americana that defined Matt Weiner's trendsetting television landmark.


Gene Editing: Research Spurs Debate Over Promise vs. Ethics

SCIENCE | By Lauren Neergaard | Oct 12
It may sound sci-fi, but research into genome editing is booming. So is a debate about its boundaries, what's safe and what's ethical to try in the quest to fight disease.


VW Diesel Cars Recalled in China, Sales Halted in Singapore

AUTO NEWS | By Joe McDonald | Oct 13
Volkswagen said Monday it is recalling 1,950 diesel vehicles in China to change engine software it has admitted cheats on emissions tests and Singapore suspended sales of the company's diesel cars.


Thrill of the Hunt: More Women Are Signing Up For It

FOOD/DRINK | By Lisa Rathke | Oct 13
More women are taking up the largely male-dominated sport of hunting to stock their freezers with local foods and as cultural influences, including movie heroines and marketers, make it more socially acceptable.


Vaccinations Available Against HPV, Cancer

HEALTH | By Chris Tittel | Oct 12
Vaccinating against HPV early in life can help prevent cancers of the cervix, vulva, vagina, penis, anus, tongue, tonsils and throat later in life.


Air France Union Brawl Leaves Execs Shirtless

Oct 12
French prosecutors say six people have been arrested in connection with an Air France union meeting brawl that left two executives shirtless.


2015 Fort Lauderdale Pride Festival :: October 10, 2015

The Fort Lauderdale Pride Festival featured DJ Citizen Jane, hosts Kitty Meow and Daisy Deadpetals, with performances by Wild Style and Angelica Joni among many others.