Baltimore Mayor Lifts Curfew 6 Days After Riots

NEWS | By Juliet Linderman | May 3
Baltimore's mayor has lifted a citywide curfew six days after the death of Freddie Gray sparked riots in the city.

Madison Bans Discrimination Against Atheists, Non-Religious

NEWS | By Dana Ferguson | May 3
While conservatives in Indiana and Arkansas were explaining why their new religious objections laws weren't invitations to discriminate against gays, the leaders of Wisconsin's capital city were busy protecting the rights of another group: atheists.

Inked and Irked: Apple Watch Users Report Tattoo Problems

STYLE | May 3
It's an annoying problem for the unlucky few: the Apple Watch's heart rate monitor and even some other features might not work if you have a tattoo on your wrist.

Mayweather Wins Decision in Richest Fight Ever

NEWS | By Tim Dahlberg | May 3
The pressure of a $180 million payday never got to Floyd Mayweather Jr., even if the richest fight ever wasn't the best.

SFGN Gift Guide for Mother's Day

ENTERTAINMENT | By Christiana Lilly | May 3
Thanks to changing laws and a society growing more of an open mind, more and more LGBT people are able to start families of their own. That means more and more women are celebrating Mother's Day!

Experts: Convictions Will Be Tough to Win in Baltimore Case

NEWS | By Michael Biesecker and Ben Nuckols | May 3
Baltimore's top prosecutor acted swiftly in charging six officers in the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered a grave spinal injury as he was arrested and put into a police transport van, handcuffed and without a seat belt.

Gay Man Admits to Sexually Assaulting Married Man at Las Vegas Pool Party

NEWS | By EDGE | May 3
A Florida man admitted last month that he "couldn't help himself" from sexually assaulting an unconscious married man who passed out during a booze-fueled pool party at a Las Vegas hotel last August.

LGBT Performance Artists Are Out in the Tropics

This year's selections will highlight films and performances that confront the social challenges the artist faces as an LGBT individual.

Want to Stand Out in Cap and Gown? Decorate the Mortarboard

STYLE | By Beth J. Harpaz | May 3
It's hard to stand out at graduation when dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your classmates are dressed in identical caps and gowns. But some students individualize their appearance by decorating their mortarboards.

Questions Remain in Gay Man's Death

NEWS | By Seth Hemmelgarn | May 3
Questions continue to surround the death of a former Bay Area Reporter writer as people who know the man accused of killing him express surprise, and an attorney for a co-defendant in the case says she's innocent.


"RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7" the Miss Fame Interview

TELEVISION | By Scott Holland | May 3
Episode 9 of Season 7 of "Drag Race" saw Miss Fame sashay away -- but she's not done yet! She talks about (Miss) Fame and fortune in this exclusive.


Bud Light Should Have Said 'No' to New Ad Campaign

Bud Light is apologizing for a slogan which was used in an ad campaign. Critics say that phrase supports reckless behavior and perhaps even sexual assault. Vladimir Duthiers speaks with Advertising Age's E.J. Schultz.


Tesla to Expand Battery Technology to Homes, Businesses

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is trying to steer his electric car company's battery technology into homes and businesses as part of an elaborate plan to reshape the power grid with millions of small power plants made of solar panels on roofs, batteries in garages.


How to Maximize Financial Aid and Save for College

SAVING | Apr 30
A single year at a 4-year college runs between almost $19,000 to $42,000. That leaves many students wondering how they'll save up and pay for tuition. Here's Jill Schlesinger joins with tips for getting the best financial aid.


Seeking Answers on Getting Recalled Cars Fixed Quickly

TIPS & ADVICE | Apr 30
Frustrated that cars recalled for serious safety defects aren't getting fixed quickly enough, the nation's auto safety chief hosted a gathering of automakers to search for solutions.


Forget Rentboy, How About 'Rent the Chicken'?

FOOD/DRINK | By Kathy Matheson | May 2
Poultry leasing has turned out to be a serious investment as more people want fresh eggs from humanely raised hens, without the responsibilities of ownership.


When the Going Gets Wild: Womens' Adventures for 2015

By Jill Gleeson | May 1
Wild Women Expediitions offers spectacular global adventures - the only question is, which one will you go on?


Sidelines Sports & Video Bar Celebrates its Nine Years

BARS | By EDGE | May 1
The award winning Sidelines Sports & Video Bar celebrates its nine year anniversary on May 12, 2015 with a line-up of events and promotions starting on Tuesday, May 12, 2015 through Sunday, May 17, 2015.